Korea Importers Database Terms of Use

Welcome to Korea Importers Database Online Website
("Importers Database Website") which is established, operated by Korea Importers Association("Association").
"Importers Database Website" provides an Online matching service("Service") on the base the following Terms of Use ("Terms and Conditions").
Terms and Conditions contain legal obligations, so please review the Terms and Conditions carefully.

Chapter 1. General Provisions

  • Article 1. (Purpose and Applications)
    • These Terms and Conditions purpose that Terms and Conditions, Procedure and other requirements of "Importers Database Website" are subject to TELECOMMUNICATIONS BUSINESS ACT and ENFORCEMENT DECREE of the SAME ACT.
  • Article 2 (Relations with the Korean Terms and Conditions)
    • These Terms and Conditions are an interpretation of Korean Terms and Conditions in English. If there is a discordance between Korean and English Terms and Conditions, it shall be interpreted by Korean Terms and Conditions standard.
  • Article 3 (Term Definition)
    • Member: An individual or a company that makes a contract with Association to use the "Importers Database Website" and be given the membership ID.
    • Paid Member: An individual or a company using paid service which is the content in service.
    • Member ID: A normal E-mail address chose by the member and accepted by Association for Member Identification and Using "Importers Database Website".
    • Password: A combination of characters and numbers set by the member himself to protect the confidentiality and verify the matched member with Member ID.
    • Member Company of Association: A regular member company accepted by the Association.
  • Article 4 (Contents, Effect, and Changes of the Terms and Conditions)
    • Association posts the contents of these Terms and Conditions on Importer Database Website so that a member can easily understand them. These Terms and Conditions are effective after Association is posted on the Website.
    • These Terms and Conditions are Basic Terms and Conditions that are established between Association and member. In case of need, Association may decide and notify the items to be applied to a specific service ("Separate Terms") in advance. If the member agrees to such Terms and Conditions and uses specific service, these Terms and Conditions shall have the supplementary effect.
    • Association may change these Terms and Conditions to the extent that it does not violate the relevant laws such as ACT ON CONTRACT REGULATION and ACT ON PROMOTION OF INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATIONS NETWORK UTILIZATION AND INFORMATION PROTECTION etc. If Association may change these Terms and Conditions and Separate terms, Association will notify on "Importers Database Website" about revised contents of Terms and Conditions, the date of application, and the reason for the change from 7 days prior to the effective date to the day prior to the effective date.
      If the changes affect you adversely, the Company notify you on "Importers Database Website" and inform you via E-mail about such changes at least 14 days prior to the effective date.
    • The changed Terms and Conditions equally affect also members who made a contract prior to changes. If the established memberhas an objection to revised Terms and Conditions, you can anytime cancel a contract upon request and also request deletion of registered information.
    • If the member continues to visit the "Importers Database Website" and use the related service after the effective date of revised Terms and Conditions, Association considers that the member agrees to the changed Terms and Conditions.
    • If Association may change the Terms and Conditions, the changed Terms and Conditions shall be applied prior to the Terms and Conditions before the change.
  • Article 5 (Additional Terms and Conditions and Relation to the relevant laws)
    • If a subject which not specified in these Terms and Conditions defined in the relevant laws, Association followed by the relevant laws.
    • When a member uses the service provided by Association the member follow the relevant laws such as ACT ON THE CONSUMER PROTECTION IN ELECTRONIC COMMERCE(e.g. Mail-Order subject such as Supply document, Labeling, and advertising, Return, Delivery), FRAMEWORK ACT ON ELECTRONIC TRANSACTIONS(e.g. Consumer Protection), FRAMEWORK ACT ON CONSUMERS(e.g. Obligations of the Business operator), ACT ON FAIR LABELING AND ADVERTISING(e.g. Mark of the detailed description of Product, Entered matter), ACT ON PROMOTION OF INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATIONS NETWORK UTILIZATION AND INFORMATION PROTECTION(e.g. Personal Information Protect). The member cannot claim the immunity of any violation of these laws and regulations under these Terms and Conditions.

Chapter 2 Service Contract

  • Article 6 (Free Service Contract)
    • The Service Contract of "Importers Database Website" service ("Service Contract") provided by Association shall be established by the association upon its consent to the application for use of the service. Association notifies to the applicant for the approval by Service screen Publishing, E-mail or other methods.
    • Application for Use is established after a User agreed to Terms and Conditions by recording and registering the registration items after the form of Association.
    • If an applicant applies for use on "Importers Database Website", Association may inquiry to the applicant whether also wants to apply for use Komia.net or not. If the member agrees to the application for use and Terms and Conditions about Koima.net, it applies for Koima.net as the same information.
    • In principle, Association accepts the use of the service under these Terms and Conditions if the applicant record exactly the record items and agrees to these Terms and Conditions.
    • Association may rejects an acceptance to use service if the applicant violated any applicable law or regulation or these Terms and Conditions, the application for use violates these Terms and Conditions, following the illegal act or iniquity.

      ① If the applicant entered false information

      ② If the applicant has attempted to create an ID by using a third party’s personal information

      ③ If other application requirements are insufficient

  • Article 7 (Paid Service Contract)
    • The Service Contract of the "Importers Database Website" service ("Service Contract") provided by the Association refers to the accepted member who wants to use paid service in service.
    • A member registered on the "Importers Database Website" can use paid service by accepting of Association after prepayment.
    • Paid members can use paid service after paying the following fee.
      - Payment method:Papal, Credit card
      - Payment amount: US$

      Validity date 90 days / 200$

      ※ However, limited to 50 inquiries per day

      ※ Ifa memberis not satisfied with our "Importers Database" service, we offer a 30-day refund guarantee.

      Paid members can get the full refund of the current billing period within 30 days from the date of payment, only if there is noservice-use history within 14 days from the date of payment. Please note that previous payments can't be refunded.
    • The paid service shall be terminated without refund if the paid applicant violated any applicable law or regulation or these Terms and Conditions or following the illegal act or iniquity.

      ① The collection of contents through illegal such as Macro, Crawling program

      ② If the applicant has attempted to create an ID by using a third party’s personal information

      ③ If other application requirements are insufficient

  • Article 8 (Entitlement of member ID and Managing)
    • In principle, in the case of an individual, Member ID shall be applied Member's real name of Resident registration. In the case of a domestic company shall be applied a corporate name of the Business license. Overseas Korean company or Foreign company followed additional Terms and Conditions.
    • All management Responsibility for ID and Password belongs to a member who owns ID. Association will not be liable for any loss or damage caused by leakage, transfer, rental, and neglect of ID and Password that out of the range of the Association's control.
    • The member must take the following actions for the safe management of ID and Password.

      ① If the member is recognized that the ID and Password have been stolen or being used by a third party, the member informs to Association immediately and follow the instruction of Association.

      ② The member must log out surely at the end of site access to use the service.

      ③ The member shall not tell member's own ID and password to the Third-party without just cause.

    • The Company that is entitled Business ID must prevent the leakage of Information in-company and unauthorized changes by strictly managing of Employee's ID. Association will not be liable for any damage caused by the company's negligence in managing its employees.
    • Member ID cannot be shared or transferred. If the member shared ID without permission of the Association, Association can terminate a pertinent ID.
  • Article 9 (Terminating the Use of Service)
    • A member may cancel the service contract at any time by notifying to Association of the intention to terminate it.
    • Association can cancel the service contract if there are the following causes. In such a case, Association notifies the member of the intention to terminate through E-mail, Calling, Fax, and other methods about the reason for cancellation. However, Association may allows the member an opportunity to state the opinion about the reason for cancellation in advance.

      ① If the member is not suitably qualified or is disqualified to use "Importer Database Website" provided by Association from the application

      ② If the information of register is identified as false (e.g. borrowed name, etc.) or there is a reasonable reason to suspect it is true

      ③ If the member violates the obligation based on Article 13

      ④ If the member register a posting defined Article 14 Paragraph 1 each item, do or try business dealing that violate public order and fine customs

      ⑤ While the member does not log in to "Importers Database Website" for the sixth consecutive month, even if Association notifies reasonable period time, the member still does not log in

      ⑥ If the member rejects to agree to about the change Terms and Conditions because of a relevant law's change, a trading conditions' change, an improvement of service and deletion, addition, change of information on "Importers Database Website"

      ⑦ If other members violate these Terms and Conditions and the relevant laws or it occurred a reason for cancellation based on these Terms and Conditions

Chapter 3 Using "Importers Database Website"

  • Article 10 (Service hours of "Importers Database Website")
    • In principle, Using the “Importers Database Website” operate 24 hours a day and accessible 365 days a year unless there is a technician or business-related problem.
    • Except in the case that the Association notifies in advance in case of need such as a regular inspection, etc.
  • Article 11 (Advertisement and dealings with the advertiser)
    • Association can advertise on the "Importers Database Website".
    • Association will not liable for any loss or damage by participating in advertisement or sales promotion, contacting, or transacting with the advertiser on the "Importers Database Website".
  • Article 12 (Change the information on "Importers Database Website")
    • Association may add, change or delete the information on the "Importers Database Website" based on the agreement of the member.
    • Association notifies the foregoing item 1 to acquaint the member by informing Article 2 Paragraph 3.
    • Association can receive the agreement of members about the foregoing item 1 by the methods of Article 2 Paragraphs 4 and 5.
  • Article 13 (Termination of the service on "Importers Database Website")
    • Association may terminate the service if there are the following subparagraphs.

      ① In case it is inevitable to inspect, add, or replace the "Importers Database Website" system.

      ② If system shut down due to causes beyond its control (e.g. an intention of the system manager, disk failure without fault, system downstate, etc).

      ③ In case it is interrupted by the intention and fault of another person (e.g. Key telecommunications business operator, CP, etc).

    • Association may terminate or limit the whole or part of the service in case it is not possible to normal service such as there are State of national emergency, Blackout, disturb on "Importers Database Website" or a flood of using.
    • Association will not liable for any damage to the member by stopping the service offer except in case there is an intention or a very grievous fault of the Association.
  • Article 14 (Obligation of Association)
    • Association will make available the Service on the date that the Member has applied for the "Importers Database Website" service unless there are no extraordinary causes.
    • Association should provide the service continually and stable as decided by Terms and Conditions.
    • Association collects the information when a member filled out the application form and the updated information after registration in order to use various services including the "Importers Database Website" provided by Association until the required period.
    • Association seeks for necessary technical and managerial methods to ensure the members ' personal information provided to Association is not lost, stolen, leaked, altered, or damaged. Association selects a personal information manager to protect the member's personal information and deal with complaints about personal information.
    • Association will not provide, reveal or distribute to the third party the personal information related to providing the "Importers Database Website" service without the member's consent except the following subparagraphs.

      ① If there is an ask of the national organization by FRAMEWORK ACT ON TELECOMMUNICATIONS and relevant laws.

      ② If there is an ask of Information Communication Ethics Committee or a purpose of investigation about a criminal.


      ④ If it is necessary to settle fee according to provided service

      ⑤ If the necessary information for Statics, Academy or Market research that a particular individual cannot recognize.

    • Association may provide the member's information and posts with the member's consent to another institute that contracts business cooperation. At this time, Association shall acquire the individual consent of the member about the provider, the purpose of Personal information, the items of provided information, the period of utilization and keeping information, etc.
    • Association deletes the information if it lost the purpose of the personal information collected or provided, e.g. the member’s leave from Association, etc. However, except if it is necessary to keep personal information by other laws.
  • Article 15 (Obligations of Member)
    • A Member shall hold qualifications which asked by Association to use "Importers Database Website" service.
    • The member shall be honest about the information related to yourself as filled out in the application on "Importers Database Website". The information shall be accurate, full and this information follows the update as time passed.
    • The Member shall obey the regulated items in these Terms and Conditions and relevant laws.
    • The Member shall not do the following subparagraphs.

      ① Providing to the third party or duplicating for other purposes the information by using "Importers Database Website" without the previous consent of the Association.

      ② Sending the commercial information constantly or a large supply of information or posting that disturb a smooth operating service or against other health services.

      ③ Infringing the Rights, Honor, Credit, or other honest profits of Association or other members.

      ④ Disturbing a smooth progress of provided service.

      ⑤ Registering products without the intention to sell the products.

      ⑥ An illegal use of other member's ID and Password.

      ⑦ Camouflaging the source of contents sent by Service

      ⑧ Posting, publication, emailing or other methods to transmit that are unutilized contents by Laws, Contract

      ⑨ Posting, publication, emailing, or other methods to transmit that violated other's patent, trademark, business secret, copyright or other intellectual property rights.

      ⑩ Storing or collecting other member's personal information.

      ⑪ Conduct for criminal purposes or other criminal acts.

      ⑫ The act of hacking or computer virus spreading

      ⑬ Changing the posted information on "Importers Database Website".


  • Article 16 (Posts of Member)
    • Association may terminate or delete temporarily or permanently based on Association’s own discretion if the contract ended with a member or if the member's posts on "Importers Database Website" apply to the following subparagraphs.

      ① If the Rights, Personal information, Honor, Credit, other honest profits damaged by blaming Association, Members or the third party or slandering.

      ② If it violated public order and fine customs.

      ③ If a member posts about illegal items, pornography, or harmful contents to juveniles or related products or website links.

      ④ If it can be infringed on other's Intellectual property right.

      ⑤ If it registered a forgery that can be infringed rights of Holder of the trademark right.

      ⑥ If it exceeds the posting period defined by Association.

      ⑦ If it is not proper to the character of service or is an overlapping post.

      ⑧ If it contains false advertising or exaggerated advertising.

      ⑨ If it admitted objectively that the content associated with a criminal act.

      ⑩ If it is reported as an Internet scam by objective proof and the suspicion admitted pretty.

      ⑪ If it occurs a malfunction of the equipment for information and communications or contains Virus or data that confuses.

      ⑫ If it considered that it violated relevant laws and post managing rules of Association.

    • All civil and criminal liability including an Infringement of copyright by posting (It also refers to Image, Phrase, and attached file) is upon the Publisher and Association will not liable for that.
    • The Copyright of a post published on the "Importers Database Website" belongs to the publisher unless it infringed the right of the Third-party. Association has the right of publication on the "Importers Database Website".
    • Association may use for advertising and other purposes with publisher's consent.
      When the member registers post, to promote member's posts Association may choose whether it grants the member's information and authority to present to the association's affiliates. The member cannot be held Association accountable for legal responsibility(e.g. Copyright infringement, Personal information infringement) within the authorized activities of the Association granted by the member.
    • If the member's posts on the "Importers Database Website" apply to infringement of the other's rights (e.g. Invasion of Privacy, Defamation, Infringement of Copyright, Infringement of Intellectual property rights, etc.) so the person who infringed his rights ask the deletion of infringed information or posting of refutation, Association will take proper action without delay such as deletion of infringed information or temporarily block access measure ("Temporarily measure"), etc. When Association considered by ourself infringed information, it also will be applied. Association notifies to the requester and infringed information's poster immediately when Association takes proper action against infringed information. If the member who deleted hispost presents sufficient evidence such as a settlement document between the parties, a final ruling, or other deleted or provisional action information was not violated and ask restoration of deleted information or termination of temporary measure, the Association can meet the demand.
  • Article 17 (Denying of Surrogate and Warranty)
    • Since the Association only provides an online marketplace for transactions between members, it does not represent members who wish to sell or purchase products. In addition, any act of the Association shall not be regarded as an act on behalf of the seller or buyer.
    • In relation to sales and purchases made between members through the “Importers Database website”, the Association is not responsible for the existence and authenticity of the intention to sell or purchase, the quality, completeness, safety, legality, and infringement of the right of others. We do not guarantee the integrity of the information you enter and the data posted on the URL linked through the information, and all risks and responsibilities related to this shall be borne by the member.
    • The Association does not control or limit all information such as product descriptions posted by members. However, if the information posted by a member infringes the honor or right of others, or violates laws and regulations, it may be delated or other necessary measures may be taken by the Association.
  • Article 18 (Transfer Prohibition)
    • Member shall not be transferred or given to other the right of using service, other position of the service contract.

Chapter 4 Miscellaneous

  • Article 19 (Exemption Provisions)
    • The Association is exempted from liability for service provision if it is temporarily or eventually unable to provide the service due to natural disasters or force majeure, maintenance, inspection, replacement or breakdown of information and communication facilities, or interruption of communication. In this case, the Association notifies members by posting it on the page of the internet website provided by the Association or by other means.
    • The Association is not responsible for any obstacles to the use of the “Importers Database website” due to reasons attributable to Internet members, including members.
    • Since the services provided by the Association to members are limited to providing an online marketplace and other additional information, management of transactions between members through the “Importers Database website”, conducting transaction of sellers, and delivery of goods, withdrawal of an offer or return, and necessary post-processing such as dispute resolution due to product defects, must be carried out by the members who are the parties to the transaction. The Association is not involved in this and assumes no responsibility whatsoever. The Association is not responsible (including product liability) for damages suffered by members due to defects in goods traded through the “Importers Database website”, errors in product registration information, etc.
    • The Association is not responsible for any damage caused by the member’s failure to obtain the expected profit from the “Importers Database website” or by the member’s selection or use of service materials
    • he Association is not responsible for compensation for mental damage suffered by other members while using the “Importers Database website” unless the Association knowingly and maliciously neglects them.
    • The Association is not responsible for any damage suffered by members by trusting the reliability and accuracy of various information, data, and facts posted on the “Importers Database website
    • The personal information contained in the contents posted by members voluntarily and publicly may be collected and used by others and these risks are borne by the individual members, and the Association does not bear any responsibility for them
    • If the information registered by the member at the time of application for use is wrong or changed, the member is responsible for various damages caused by not correcting the relevant information and the damage caused by the wrong correction, and the Association is not responsible for it.
    • The association has no representation and no control over other sites
    • . The association and the linked company (referring to the company that operates the site linked by the service screen and link of the association, etc.) operate independently, and the association is not responsible for the transactions made between the linked company and its members
    • The Association is not responsible for any damages caused to members without intention or gross negligence of the Association in relation to the use of the services provided by the Association
  • Article 20 (Other matters)
    • Any accompanying documents such as attached Table or paper to attached these Terms and Conditions shall have the same force as part of Terms and Conditions.
    • Matters that are not specified in these Terms and Conditions or those that are not subject to interpretation shall be handled by the association and the members after agreeing.
    • These Terms and Conditions, the service contract between the association and the members, and the goods and transactions between the members shall apply to the Republic of Korea Laws. The interpretation and proper laws of these terms and conditions, the service contract between the association and the members, and the goods traded between the members shall follow Korean Laws.
  • Article 21 (Competent Court)
    • The Seoul Central District Court shall be the exclusive jurisdiction court in the case of disputes arising from the use of this service.
    • (Enforcement Date) These Terms and Conditions enforces on (2022.1.1)