What we do?

We offer comprehensive market research service to both domestic importers and foreign exporters.
The mentioned service helps members to enter the Korean market more easily
by providing the most fundamental and detailed information.

What is the Korea Importers Database?

  • Reliable information
    on all kinds of
  • Real-time monitoring
    and B2B matching.
  • Customized services
    for members.
  • Easily accessible to nearly
    140,000 Korean companies.
  • Easy to search by
    Items, HS code, country, etc.
  • The most up-to-date
    market trend

We provide very detailed information on real-time market trends and various potential business partners
in Korea based on our own database called “Korea Importers Database”.
For example, you can check many importing companies in Korea and their contact information,
industry code, management index, import volume, sales and scale, their current overseas clients,
etc., regardless of whether the company was floated on the stock market or not.

how to use Korea Importers Database?

  • Sign-in to KOIMA Importers Database website.
  • Search by product name, HS code, company name, etc.
  • browse and click the importing company you want to see with more details.
  • you can see their detailed information on the page.
We will help you to enter the
Korean import market!
Essential choice for expansion into
Korean import market!
The imported database provided by
KOIMA gives imformation on only about
140,000 buyers in Korea.
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